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Sukhmminder Siingh is Tarot Coach/Numerologist. My vision is to help 100000 people how they can understand the power of Numbers and how they can live their Life Happy and Successful.

When I understand the power of Tarot and Numerology and Numbers impacted to my life. I started working on Remedy on next day without any delay and Learn all about Numerology and Today I am proffessional Numerologist with track record of Customers Feedback.

My Background


Business Consultations

Providing tarot card consultations for businesses seeking guidance.

Offering personalized tarot card readings for individuals and couples.

Tarot Card Courses
Deck Sales

Providing tarot card courses for those interested in learning the art of tarot reading.

a deck of cards with a picture of a man on it
a deck of cards with a picture of a man on it
Online Consultations

Offering online tarot card consultations for individuals seeking guidance from anywhere in the world.

Group Workshops

Conducting group workshops to help individuals explore the world of tarot and its benefits.

gray cloth torch
gray cloth torch
person holding round glass ball
person holding round glass ball
Tarot Card Sales

Providing a wide range of tarot card decks for sale, catering to different preferences and needs.